Работни понуди WAT 2016

Positions: Servers/ Host Staff (20 students, majority females)

Location: Arlington; Pentagon Row; Bethesda; Tysons Corner; Washington D.C; Baltimore

Business type: Restaurant

Salary: (VA: 2.13/hour, DC: 2.77/hour, MD 4/hour) + cash tip to make a minimum of $ 10/hour. Of course servers will be making more than $ 10/hour.

Estimated h/week: 40

Start: 01 May – 15 June
End: 01 Sep – 30 Sep

Student daily duties: Doing side duties and preparations for the lunch and dinner shifts. Greet and welcome guests, take orders, suggest items, serve food and drinks to guests, check on guest experience, cash guests out, clean tables, attend pre-shift meetings.

Requirements for applicants: Advanced English. 1st priority: Beginning or mid-May to beginning or Mid-September. 2nd priority: Beginning or Mid-June to beginning or end September.


State: New York

Location: Lake George

Business type: Resort

Positions: Resort Worker: housekeeping, grounds maintenance, dining room staff, reception

Salary per hour: $8.75+ tips

Estimated h/week: 40

Start date: 28 May – 20 June

End date; 01 Sep – 30 Sep

Student daily duties: Working in a nice summer resort place. Multitasking job including housekeeping/registration/restaurant/grounds and building maintenance

Аccomodation: Yes, $75/week-but if students fulfill the contract-they get $35 per week Back,

Food:Provided for free for the students who stay whole contract!


State: Colorado

Location: Aspen

Business type: Bakery Cafe

Number of students: 8

Positions: Barista/customer service/Kitchen cook ( 8 males or females )

Salary per hour: 9$ + TIPS / hour. training at min wage 7.25

Estimated h/week: 40

Overtime: possible at a salary 1.5x hourly

Start date: 01 May – 01 July

End date: 15 Sep – 30 Sep

Requirements for applicants: 6 Students must have excellent English comprehension and speak, must be multitasking, ability to prioritize customers and tasking situations quickly, efficient thinking and tasking, personable, energetic, hardworking and fun. 2 people for diswashing/back up can have lower English

Accommodation: NO

Transportation: Free local transportation


State: Maine

Location: Boothbay Harbor, Lincolnville

Business type: Hotel

Positions: Housekeeping

Salary: $9

Estimated h/week: 36 – 40

Start date: 15 May – 25 June

End date: 15 Sep – 30 Sep

Student daily duties: Will have to work as housekeepers, cleaning hotel rooms, etc. Front desk positions possible for someone with very good English. Students who stay till the end of the season get bonus.

Accommodation: Yes, FREE of charge


State: Maine, ME

Location: Lincolnville


Business type: Motel. Family environment. Employer arranges BBQ nights every week. Also, they arrange some boat cruises, etc. students become a part of the family!

Number of students: 3 males

Positions: Housekeeping / Maintenance

Salary per hour: $8.50

Estimated h/week: 40

Start date: 01 May – 20 June

End date: 15 Aug – 30 Sep

Student daily duties: Helping with setting up the motel, cleaning, painting, making beds, etc. The student will have various duties. Student will be given a lot of hours, also, a second job is available.

Requirements for applicants: Someone that has helped their mother make beds & worked around the house. Someone that wants to be a team player. Of course, they will be treated very well with trips to the museums, paid tickets on sailboats & barbecues we have on the motel property. We treat our students like family.

Accommodation: YES. 50$/week, nice bedroom with all the necessary things- microwave, oven, table, ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

State: New York

Location: Ocean Beach

Business type: Hotel

Number of students: 20

Positions: reservationists, customer service, housekeeping, servers, dishwashers

Salary per hour: 9-10 $. Various bonus programs- employee of the week, weekly customer feedback recognition bonus

Estimated h/week: 35 – 40

Start date: 01 May – 15 June

End date: 20 Sep – 15 Oct

Student daily duties: customer service related- each description describes specific function.

Accommodation: Students are free to secure their own housing or we can provide shared accommodations at $96 per week . Pre-payment of $150 is required in advance of start date and will be returned upon satisfaction of housing terms and conditions two weeks from departure date. Rooming quarters must be broom swept upon departure and inspected by staff supervisor.

Food: 30% discount on meals at CJs restaurant.


State: Rhode Island, RI

Location: Middletown, RI

Business type: Hotel

Positions: Housekeeping

Salary per hour: 9$ + tips

Estimated h/week: 32 – 40

Start date: 10 May – 10 June

End date: 01 Sep – 30 Sep

Student daily duties: Cleaning guests rooms (making beds; dusting; vacuuming; cleaning bathtubs, folding laundry etc.).

Requirements for applicants: Hard working, positive, easy going students. English 7-8. Need 5-6 students before Memorial day, others can arrive in June.

Accommodation: Yes. 85 USD per week



State: Massachusetts, (MA)

Location: Wellfleet, Cape Cod

Business type: A busy SANDWICH SHOP on Cape Cod, near Boston in Massachusetts, USA.

Positions: Sandwich artists (4-6 females and 1 COUPLE)

Salary per hour: 9 USD + shared tips + bonus

Estimated h/week: 35-40

Overtime: I work with other local businesses to offer second jobs usually within a week of students arrival.

Hiring type: Skype interview

Start date: 01May – 30 June

End date: 02 Sep – 30 Sep

Student daily duties: Duties include everything from sandwich making to answering the phones, taking orders, slicing, cleaning and prep, Pretty much everything. Most of the positions are for International employees, and are the same at both locations. Many of my people work a second job-two girls this past Summer left with $6,000 each. And they had fun earning it! Since we are only open from 7am to 4pm, you can get a second job in the evenings, and do very well financially.

Accommodation: Yes. Rent is $125 per wek, and includes a bike, Television, Local phone and Internet. It IS deducted from paycheck.

Transportation: You will be provided with a bike, which may be new, or slightly used. It is yours for the Summer. If you take care of it, it”s free!

Food: The employees will get 50% discount for food. While they will be working, they will get free breakfast and lunch.


State: Massachusetts, (MA)

  Location: South Wellfleet, MA.

Business type: Bakery, cozy restaurant

Positions: bakery counter/kitchen prep / pastry kitchen prep/ busboy / runner / barista

Number of students: 20

Salary per hour: $9, depending on position

Estimated h/week: 40

Start date: 30 May – 15 June

End date: 07 Sep – 25 Sep

Student daily duties: Have to bake delicious treets, communicate with customers, clean and prep food.

Requirements for applicants: Hard-working, communicative, friendly.

Accommodation: we will try to help, we don’t have accommodation available so students will have to seek for housing on their own as well.

State: Washington, (WA)

Location: Marblemount, WA

Business type:Hotel/Restaurant

Positions:Waitresses/housekeepers. Participants with better English get more hours at restaurant.

Salary per hour: 9.67 +very good tips (when work as waitress)

Estimated h/week:  35-40

Accepts friends: YES

Start date: 15 May – 01 June

End date: 15 Sep – 30 Sep

Student daily duties: Students will be working some days at the hotel as a housekeeper and some days at the restaurant as a waitress. Both jobs will be paying almost $10.00 per hour, but the waitress job also makes very good tips! You can make as much as $2000.00 per month in tips, if you are a good waitress and follow the instructions we give you!

Requirements for applicants: Presentable, friendly, communicative. Experience in restaurant would be preferred. Also, experience in cooking is a plus. Very good English (8-10). The place is located in rural area, therefore students should understand, that there are not much leisure areas around.

Transportation: Will provide bikes

Accommodation: Cost will be around 50/week per person. All utilities included. +TV, Wi-Fi


State: New York, NY

Location: Margaretville, NY

Business type: Resort and golf club

Positions: Maintenance worker for boys (2); Restaurant help for girls (2)

Salary per hour: 8$+ tips (girls) ; 9$- for boys; some tips also possible

Start date: 01 – 20 May

End date: 15 – 30 Sep

Estimated h/week: 32 – 40

Student daily duties: Boys-Job includes cleaning, dishwashing, carrying boxes with items. Girls- restaurant help ( busing, cleaning, serving)

Accommodation: Accommodation is provided by employer 50$/month. Free entrance to golf corts ; Wi-Fi, Cable TV

Food: Employer provides free breakfast, need to pay for lunch


State: Massachusetts, (MA)

Location: Dennis Port, Cape Cod

Positions: Boat rental assistant (4 males)

Salary per hour: starts from 10.00 USD

Estimated h/week: 32 – 40

Overtime: In August, during peak season might be more.

Start date: 10 – 30 June

End date: 5 – 30 Sep

Hiring type: Skype interview

Student daily duties: providing good customer service, assisting people to get in and out of the boats etc

Requirements for applicants: 5 males-Advance level of English, mentally and physically fit, need to be hardworking and flexible, must be able to swim and like to work under the sun, can handle under pressure, and also, must be able to lift 50 pounds or more.

Accommodation: Yes.provide accomodationat 95$/week. Deposit of $110 is required. It is right where the business is located


State: Florida, FL

Location: Panama City

Business type: Big resort right next to the Ocean

Number of students: 30 students. Males: 5; Females: 25

Positions: Housekeeping; Gift shop assistant

Salary per hour: $8.25$+tips-shop assistant ; 9$+tips -housekeeping (salary might increase on good performance)

Estimated h/week: 32-40

Start date: 01 May – 20 May

End date: 31 Aug – 20 Sep

Accepts couples: YES

Accepts friends: YES

Student daily duties: Cleaning condominium units also working in resorts’ laundry, shops and restaurants

Requirements for applicants: Willing to do housekeeping including bathrooms, also able to handle eight hour physical labour. Basic English knowledge required! Students must come in May

Accommodation: YES. Provides housing for $350 / month plus $150 deposit witch is $100 refundable.


State: Ohio, (OH)

Location: Port Clinton, OH

Business type: A private yachts men”s country club

Number of students: 4

Positions: Housekeeper, Lifeguard , Kitchen prep and dishwasher, and Grounds Maintenance all will work multiple positions

Salary per hour: $9

Estimated h/week: 40

Start date: 01.05 – 15.06

End date: 07.09

Student daily duties: Housekeeper, Lifeguard , Kitchen prep and dishwasher, and Grounds Maintenance all will work multiple positions

Requirements for applicants: Have good English, be energetic and willing to work.

Accommodation: Yes, housing is within walking distanc.  $200 per month for housing and one time $40 deposit for cleaning non refundable Utilities Included. Full use Fitness Center, Use of Tennis courts on Mon &Tue, Use Pool on Mon

Food: Discounted Employee meals


State: Massachusetts, MA

Location:Brewster, Cape Cod, MA

Business type: Restaurant
Number of students: 10-15 students

Positions: housekeeping/maintenance/kitchen prep/dishwashing/phone reception/retail sales/coctailing/bussing etc ( 10-15 students)

Salary per hour: Starts from min wage or min wage + tips. Then after training gets higher based on performance.

Estimated h/week: 35-45

Overtime: We can give students overtime but it depends how good they perform. If they work well and want more hours they can work 60 hours or so.

Hiring type: Skype interview

Start date: 10.05

End date: 30.09

Student daily duties: Working in one of the most famous restaurants in Cape Code. We pay minimum only until the person is trained in whatever they are hired to do: often they have multiple tasks if they are looking for lots of hours. Once trained they move up on hourly in increments depending upon their own learning curve/abilities. Different jobs have different pay rates but range from $12-$25 p hr. Front of the house, tipped employees, get paid the tipped minimum plus their tips which are usually pooled by prior agreement among the staff: they make well over minimum for certain. Those people need excellent English skills. Housekeepers/chambermaids; lawn/maintenance; dishwashers; kitchen prep get paid larger hourly rates and again it depends on experience and their ability to learn. In general we’ve had great success with these kids, who are paid the same rate as locals & college students. It is dependent on their prior understanding of the position offered and their willingness/experience. More experience, + quicker learning curve results in larger pay checks and more quickly of course. Again, English is imperative.

Accommodation: No


State: Massachusetts, MA

Location: Dennis Port

Business type: family-owned and operated mini resort on Atlantic Ocean shore

Positions: Housekeeper and Maintenance

Salary per hour: 11$-on training 10$

Estimated h/week: 40

Employment period: 15 Jun – 27 Sep

Student daily duties: HOUSEKEEPER – Responsible to clean 10-12 efficiency rooms per day. Cleaning includes but is not limited to making beds, vacuuming, dusting, washing floors, sanitizing kitchen and baths. Duties will include laundry service, cleaning common areas and rental homes. Cleaning stations and duties will be assigned based on your skill level – determined by your supervisor.

Accommodation: YES


State: Wyoming, WY

Location: Jackson, WY

Business type: Restauran

Number of students: 10

Positions: Waitress/Waiter; Busser; Hostess; Cook, Dishwasher

Salary per hour: Busser-$5.5 + tips, Hostess $9 + tips; Cook/Dishwasher $11; Waitress/Waiter $7.25 ( during training 3-7 days) after training $2.13 + tips (Overtime is time and a half for every one)

Estimated h/week: 40

Start date: 15.05 – 25.05

End date: 25.09 – 30.09

Hiring type: Skype interview

Student daily duties:

Dishwasher: Cleans and rinses dishes, organizes, helps prep food when slow, helps other cooks when necessary.

Prep Cook: Learns how to prep food for the kitchen, always eager to learn more, is careful, can communicate well with the other cooks, helps clean and sanitize.

Line Cook: Learns how to efficiently and effectively serve quality food, always eager to learn more, is careful, can communicate well with the other cooks, helps clean and sanitize.

Busser: Cleans and resets tables, organizes, helps get waters, helps set up the restaurant and break down the restaurant

Host: Greets customers, Answers the phone, takes reservations, seats customers, helps with bussing and getting waters, takes to-go orders, helps set up the restaurant and break down the restaurant.

Accommodation: Yes, next to the restaurant

Food: A free meal every shift you work. 1/2 off all food from the menu (even if not working)


State: Rhode Island, RI

Location: Newport

Number of students: 2 females

Position: Housekeeping

Salary per hour: 9$ + tips

Estimated h/week: 35+

Start date: 15.05 – 05.06

End date: 10.09 – 20.09

Student daily duties: Usual housekeeping.Working in a hotel, cleaning rooms.

Accommodation: NO


State: Montana, MT

Location: Billings

Business type: Restaurant

Number of students: 6

Positions: host, server assistant, busser (3-females, 3-males)

Salary per hour: 8,20$ + tips

Estimated h/week: 40

Start date: 15.05 – 15.06

End date: 05.09 – 20.09

Student daily duties: The students will be working in the restaurant. More information about it: www.dennys.com . The host should welcome customers, assist them to their table, ect. The server assistant will help server, brings food to the table and so on. The busser will collect dirty dishes.

Accommodation: No housing, but will help to find.

Food: 50% discount for food


State: Alaska, AK

Location: Whittier

Business type: Seafood Cafe

Positions: General restaurant help

Salary per hour: $10 per hour $15 per hour for overtime, increase is possible

Estimated h/week: min of 50 h/week up to 60h/week

Start date: 15.05 – 01.06

End date: 01.09 – 10.09

Student daily duties: prep soups and other foods for the day, take orders and money, bring food to tables, clean tables, wash dishes, prepare baskets for delivery to tables, stock throughout the day, clean up at night and other duties as assigned.

Requirements for applicants: must be able to speak English well enough to follow directions and interact with customers, must be 21 or over so they can get an alcohol servers card and serve beer and wine, willing to work long hours, willing to work under pressure and willing to smile and have fun while working.

Accommodation: we provide living quarters which consist of condos we own in Whittier. We do no charge for accomodations. We expect them to be kept neat and clean and for the employees to be respectable to the living area and their neighbors. we expect them to be as clean when they leave as when they arrive.

Food: We provide food while working at no charge


State: Delaware, (DE)

Location: Fenwick Island, Bethany Beach DE

Business type: Beachwear, Fashion, Sportswear retail store

Number of students: 5

Positions: Customer Service/Relations (1 male and 4 females)

Salary per hour: $8.25 for the start. Possible bonuses for good performance.

Estimated h/week: 40+

Start date: 20 May

End date: 10 Sep

Student daily duties: It started in 1983 with its first store located on the Boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland. Since then it has grown to over 35 locations in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, New Jersey, North Carolina and Florida. Our stores have the best and largest selection of everything that you need for fun on the beach! Check out our great assortment of t-shirts, apparel, footwear, swimwear, beach chairs, towels, souvenirs, beach toys, surf gear and more for the entire family! Company prides itself in keeping up with the latest fashions and trends which is reflected in the ever-growing assortment of merchandise. From child to adult, there is something for everyone at the shops.

Requirements for applicants: Good English communication skills, (7-10). previous experience in retail sale would be plus. Students should be outgoing, communicative, motivated. Driving license would be plus.

Accommodation: Yes. Housing available fees $400 per month as indicated in the agreement.

Transportation: Transportation is available 24 hours per day (bus) based on a fee of $2 for 24 hours.


State: Colorado

Location: Estes Park, CO

Business type: Motel

Number of students: 5 females, 5 males

Positions: (4 females) and 1 female for front desk with EXCELLENT ENGLISH

Salary per hour: starting at $8.50, then increase up to $10/hour+tip from guests for good housekeeping and bonus, if students stay until end of program.

Estimated h/week: min of 35h

Hiring type: Skype interview

Start date: FLEXIBLE. From 15 May – 25 June

End date: FLEXIBLE. From 20 Aug – 30 Sep

Student daily duties: Students will have to work in the motel which is located in a very nice place of ESTES Park, close to the Rocky Mountain National Park. It will be housekeeping, that will start in the morning and will be done by 3pm. Other duties are laundry, sweeping, window washing. Students will find easily a second job in the town of Estes Park, which is a popular summer resort town, compared to other locations. Students can work in shops, restaurants, grocery stores in the evening and can earn a lot more money then at other places. We have a possible job for a student with excellent English: front desk employee for 6 days/week for $10/hour, 8 hours/day, start in early afternoon until all the guests have checked in. Checking people in, answering phones, checking bookings.

Requirements for applicants: Wants to have matured, independent, polite, respectful, loyal, physically strong and hard working students, who have good English skills, like working in a team, care about other people and interested in other cultures. —–2 start mid May until end of August —–2 start in June until end of September/first October weekend.

Accommodation: Yes. Rent: official rent is $420/month, deposit $100 (which is refundable if the house is clean when the students leave). If they stay until the end of program, the rent is $270/month (this is the non-profit rent). If the student leaves before the end of the program, they have to pay the difference of the rent (retroactive). It is a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house with kitchen and living room. 2 female students share 1 bedroom, each student has 1 single bed. Free WiFi, pool and hot tub may be used. Personal laundry is at the laundromat 1/2 mile away. Grocery store 1 mile away.